Peoria Boy in Critical Condition After Colliding with Truck

Pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents are common, especially in busy cities and in school zones. Our lawyers know that accidents happen, but it is always unfortunate to read about accidents that could be prevented with extra vigilance and abiding by safety practices.

An article by the Peoria Journal Star reported that an 11-year-old boy is in critical condition after a collision with a pickup truck. Police reports indicate that the boy ran across Northeast Monroe Avenue between a stopped CityLink bus and a stopped car and hit the side of the truck, which caused him to spin on top of the trailer that the truck was pulling. As a result of this accident, the boy suffered significant head trauma and is in critical condition.

The accident occurred only a block from the boy’s middle school in a school zone. Even though the area has crosswalks and signs to direct traffic and pedestrians, witnesses note that there is a noticeable amount of jaywalking from both adults and children. Officials have added more crosswalks and signs and has crossing guards at the intersections to remedy the situation, however even with these safety measures in place it is still important for pedestrians and drivers alike to take precautions. Not only should drivers be aware of pedestrians, but adults must set an example for children by using the crosswalks themselves and walking with their children at these marked crossings.

Although it is unclear whether driver negligence played a role in this accident, it is important to note how imperative it is that people abide by local laws for crossing streets and yielding to both cars and traffic. School zones are especially busy areas filled with pedestrians, many of whom are young children. By having this knowledge, drivers should be on the lookout for children, and parents and chaperones should make sure to keep watch on the children in their care who may unknowingly run into traffic while at play or on the way to and from school.

Local authorities, drivers, and members of the statewide Illinois community all need to work together to enforce safety standards and prevent accidents from occurring. With extra vigilance, many pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions could be prevented, and lives could be saved. Everyone needs to do their part in advocating safety, abiding by the laws whether drivers or pedestrians, and setting examples of safety for other citizens in the community.

Our attorneys are advocates of upholding standards of safety in our community too, and work for those who have been injured in accidents caused by negligence. If you or someone you love has suffered injury due to another’s negligence, you may be able to hold all wrongdoers accountable. Contact our law firm for a free consultation, and we would be happy to talk about your potential case with you.

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