Pileup Accident Involving Semi Truck Results in 3 Fatalities

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys recently read a report on ToledoBlade.com which detailed a severely destructive accident which ultimately resulted in three deaths and one critical injury. The initial collision occurred when a pickup truck attempting to merge onto a busy highway collided with an oncoming semi truck. At the time, both drivers were unharmed and pulled over to the side of the road and exited their vehicles. Two additional vehicles, a semi truck and a passenger vehicle, pulled over to provide assistance for the first accident. As the four individuals remained outside of their vehicles along the side of the roadway, a motorcycle and a semi truck proceeded to collide into the stopped vehicles and their drivers.

The driver of the semi truck who pulled over to provide assistance sustained severe injuries after jumping off the overpass to avoid being struck. The pickup driver from the initial accident, the driver of the automobile who pulled over to provide assistance, in addition to, the driver of the motorcycle were pronounced dead at the scene. While initial investigations are still being conducted, local authorities describe the impact of the third semi truck to be substantially severe due to the fact that there were no major signs of braking prior to impact. Authorities believe that data provided by the semi truck’s speed recorder could provide valuable information to the cause of the second accident.

The trucking company that owned the semi that caused the second collision has had a long history of semi truck accidents. According to federal records, the company’s trucks have been involved in over 389 accidents in the past two years of which 12 resulted in fatalities. Employing over 5,467 drivers, the company continuously ranks low in federal scores for driver fitness and vehicle maintenance. On the other hand, the company did rank favorably for driver safety and compliance with hours-of-service regulations intended to decrease driver fatigue.

Our Chicago accident attorneys maintain extensive knowledge and experience when handling devastating accidents such as this one. We continue to provide legal representation to those whose lives have been turn upside down as the result of a semi truck accident. Negligent semi truck drivers and trucking companies need to be held responsible for the harm they have inflicted by means of compensatory and punitive damages. If you or someone you know have been severely injured as a result of a semi truck accident, please contact an Illinois injury attorney to find out what legal rights may be available to you.

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