Police Chase of Reckless Truck Driver Results in a Two-Vehicle Crash, Killing Five

Reckless driving is a serious issue because it puts all others on the road at risk. Reckless driving, especially from excessive speeding, can put people in danger and cause serious personal injuries and death. When these motor vehicle collisions occur on congested highways and interstates at great speeds, they can be extremely dangerous and fatal. It is especially unfortunate when these accidents occur, because many people on our highways are carpooling together, and these collisions therefore can take a toll on a greater number of people, including families with children.

Reports by AZ Central have relayed that 5 people were killed in a two-vehicle crash. The accident occurred subsequent to a police chase of a reckless truck driver. Authorities are still working to determine the chain of events and at one time the fatal collision happened.

Preliminary reports have said that an Illinois family of four was traveling on U.S. 160 when the truck driver collided with them head-on. This collision claimed 5 lives, including the truck driver and his passenger. The only survivor was a 9-year-old girl in the family’s vehicle, who remains in critical condition. Her father, mother, and brother all died from the crash.

Just prior to this accident, the police had responded to a call about a pickup truck that was driving recklessly. Reports said that the truck was driving over 100 miles per hour in the eastbound lanes of the highway. Officers in pursuit of this vehicle stayed over a mile behind the truck because they were concerned for their own safety. This pursuit went on for over 20 miles up until the point when the truck crossed over the center line and collided with the family’s vehicle. At that point in time, both vehicles became consumed by the flames.

Here, not only was the driver negligent is excessive speeding at traveling at over 100 miles per hour, but driver was evading the police. This is not only acceptable on the law, but put many lives at danger, and caused fatalities in a family. As you know, when being signaled by the police to pull over, a driver must abide by the request. It is against the law to not pull over to the shoulder of the road when a police car follows and signals you. When a driver fails to do so, their penalties can greatly increase, and the put others in serious danger when a chase ensues.

Our attorneys understand that highway accidents resulting from reckless driving can be life-changing. Not only do they result in serious or permanent personal injuries, but they are likely to result in deaths of innocent victims as well. Here, it was only a few moments that separated an entire family by death, leaving a young child as the only surviving member of her immediate family. While no amount of money can replace this girl’s loved ones or the future she should have had with them, a legal guardian may be able to bring a lawsuit on her behalf to recover compensation against the negligent driver’s estate.

If you have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one from a motor vehicle accident, you also may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and suffering. Our attorneys have been experienced in personal injury lawsuits for over 20 years, and would be happy to assist you in a free consultation. Call us today, and you could obtain the justice that you deserve.

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