Propane Truck Accident Sends Dozens From Their Homes

Truck crashes are typically the most damaging type of crash on our roadway and the most costly type of truck accident often involves propane. Crashes that involve large semis carrying thousands of gallons of combustible fuel skyrockets the potential for serious physical harm to person and property. What makes these wrecks particularly devastating is the chance that they may cause explosions that damage things in a far wider radius that typically found in a regular truck accident.

The Boston Channel reported on one of those close calls involving a propane truck this weekend. The driver of a tractor-trailer hauling the fuel crashed into a utility pole on Friday evening. The truck immediately burst into flames, but in a fortunate bit of luck, the majority of the propane cargo had already been unloaded. That meant that only 100 gallons remained in the trailer of the machine at the time of the accident.

Still, the risk of these accidents is so severe that dozens of residents within a three quarter mile radius of the crash were evacuated to a nearby school as a precaution. Also, for the safety of the emergency personnel, the emergency management director decided to allow the fire to burn itself off. In that way firefighters were not placed in danger of being on top of the truck if it exploded.

Our Chicago truck crash attorneys understand how fortunate all those involved in this accident are to have avoided more damage. Truck crashes inherently involved huge risks, because the speed, size, and cargo of these machines make them prime creators of destruction when things go awry. If you or someone you know ever suffers a loss because of one of these vehicles it is important to know that legal help is available to assist your recovery from the accident. Contact a truck accident lawyer to learn more about those rights.

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