Reckless Semi Truck Driver Causes Fiery Collision

Yesterday afternoon, our Chicago truck accident lawyers read a report on detailing a fiery semi truck accident that shut down an interstate highway for over eight hours. Reports state that two commercial vehicles were traveling westbound on an interstate highway when one of the semi tractor-trailers collided into the rear of another. The semi truck that was rear-ended was transporting a cargo of over 4,000 gallons of crude oil — which subsequently ignited upon collision.

The truck transporting the crude oil sustained severe damage as a result of the collision and ensuing fire. The semi truck that caused the initial collision sustained only partial damage. Fortunately, both drivers remained relatively unharmed. Police reports state that the driver of the commercial vehicle responsible for the collision ‘got distracted’ which ultimately lead his vehicle to travel into the neighboring lane. The truck driver has received a citation for reckless driving.

Any Chicago truck accident lawyer will tell you that when an 80,000 pound commercial vehicle is operated in careless or reckless manner, the safety of those traveling on our Illinois roadways is placed in serious peril. Often times, careless or negligent semi truck operation is commonly attributed to driver fatigue and distraction. Despite the heavy regulation that is placed on commercial vehicle drivers and their trucking carriers by our federal and state governments, certain regulations – such as the number of hours a semi truck driver is permitted to drive – is commonly overlooked or even blatantly disregarded. Failure to comply with regulations established by such agencies as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration frequently results in fatal semi truck accidents various factors such as driver fatigue.

When excessive speed, driver distraction, or driver fatigue plays a contributing factor in an Illinois truck accident resulting in serious personal injury or wrongful death, the commercial vehicle driver and their trucking carrier may be subject to civil trucking litigation. Truck drivers are required by federal and state law to exercise reasonable care when operating commercial vehicles on our roadways. In many cases, failure of truck drivers to exercise reasonable and responsible care during travel may constitute negligence in the event that an accident ensues.

If you or a loved one has been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, it is important to obtain legal representation from an experienced Chicago accident lawyers. Our attorneys ensure that accident victims are properly compensated when their life has been altered due to the negligent acts of others.

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