Runaway Propane Truck Crashes Into Line of Cars

The Republican American reported yesterday on a unique Monday afternoon truck accident involving several vehicles. While driving on steep local roads, a propane truck carrying 1,000 gallons of the combustible fuel likely lost its brakes as it was descending a particularly steep spot.

The truck, with a driver and one passenger inside, ultimately slammed into a line of parked cars at the end of the hill-luckily missing a nearby building by mere feet. The driver and passenger suffered minor injuries, and the parked cars hit by the truck were all destroyed. Other bystanders were not around the accident at the time. Emergency crews admit that it was very fortunate that others were not around; otherwise there likely would have been many more injuries.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys continue to warn all drivers and passengers to remain vigilant while on the road. Of course when they woke up Monday morning those caught in this particular truck accident never dreamed that they would be trapped in a runway propane truck. Odds in each particular case are always minimal in car and truck accidents. However, in the aggregate chances are much higher that all of us will be involved in some type of accident on the road at some point in our lives.

That is why it remains vitally important for drivers to pay close attention when behind the wheel, be well-versed in roadside emergency processes, and understand that there remains a legal component to these crashes.

Be sure to contact a truck accident lawyer whenever you are harmed in an accident with a semi truck.

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