Safety Tips to Help Avoid Truck Accidents

Over 200,000 accidents occur each year involving a truck and at least one passenger car. The best way to avoid truck accidents is to always leave as much space as possible between a truck and your car and never try to squeeze in next to the truck. Trucks have more blind spots than passenger cars and it is good to be aware of these in order to avoid serious accidents. If you have to drive near a truck try to make sure you are in a spot that the driver can view your car. When driving a passenger car behind a truck on an incline it is best to make sure that you leave extra space in case the truck rolls back slightly when its starts to move. If a truck is passing you, make sure to drive slowly because the spray from the truck can often reduce visibility. If you are attempting to pass a truck remember that they are much longer than a regular vehicle so allow extra time to be able to pass. Also make sure to never drive too closely behind a truck because it can be very difficult to stop in time if they stop short. For more helpful tips in avoiding a truck accident, click here.

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