Semi Accident Kills Woman and her Infant Child

WZZM News reported on a terribly truck accident tragedy last week that took two lives. Last Tuesday morning an SUV driven by a young woman was headed south on a local highway. The woman’s young three year old child was buckled up in the car as well. The mother had just dropped off an older child from school.

The SUV was traveling through an intersection in which traffic on the other road had a stop sign. At the moment that the SU V was crossing the intersection, a large semi truck was traveling down the other road. However, the truck driver was not paying attention and he failed to stop at the intersection as required. The result was a crushing collision. The female driver of the SUV was killed on impact. The young infant boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, but hospital personnel were not able to save him.

The local sheriff explained with a heavy heart, “All indications are the semi driver failed to stop. Here we go again. He failed to stop and it resulted in the death of two more people. It’s very heartbreaking.”

It is accidents like these that send chills down the spines of most observers. Few things are more tragic than two lives cut short by the negligence of large truck driver. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti remain saddened by each example we hear of death and destruction caused by poor driving. If you or someone you know has ever suffered because of bad driving by a truck driver please contact a truck accident lawyer to preserve your legal rights.

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