Semi Crashes Through Highway Wall Outside Chicago

This weekend saw a vicious three vehicle crash outside of Chicago, after a semitrailer crashed through a sound barrier wall. The trucking accident clogged traffic for hours and sent seven people to the hospital. Considering the size of the vehicle and the dramatic manner it which it careened off the highway, it is fortunate that the number of injuries remained even that low.

Shortly before 10 o’clock in the morning, the driver of the semi came upon slowed traffic on I-80/94. The driver failed to stop in time, causing him to hit the back of an SUV and begin veering toward the right side of the interstate. Another SUV was struck afterwards as the driver lost control. The trucker was unable to handle the vehicle following that initial collision, leading to the trailer continuing to move until plowing into the large sound barrier wall on the right side of the road. A fire started in the truck’s engine, but fortunately it was quickly extinguished.

The seven victims obtained a variety of injuries, including serious being facial lacerations. Luckily, a 14 month old child in one of the SUVs was uninjured. The driver had just finished emptying his cargo in the city. If his vehicle has been loaded, the damage would have likely been much worse.

This trucking accident is another example of the chain reaction that often occurs when these large machines are out of control. Observers at the scene noticed that oil and physical parts of the semi were strewn 25 feet around the scene, acting as dangerous barriers to other drivers. Any vehicle accident affects cars, drivers, and passengers that are anywhere close to the initial collision.

Police are still investigated the causes of the accident. Slowed zones on interstate have always been some of the most dangerous areas to drive. All too often drivers fail to make the speed adjustment to accommodate for traffic build up. The consequences can be deadly. Our trucking accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti encourage all drivers to remain extremely vigilant when on the highway, especially when traffic begins to slow. It is important to keep a close eye both on traffic in front of you and behind you to ensure that emergency steps can be taken to avoid accidents.

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