Semi Truck Accident Results in One Fatality and Leaves Three Seriously Injured

Recently, our Illinois accident attorneys read an article posted on detailing a fatal collision between a semi truck and an automobile. Although the accident is still being investigated, police reports state that the accident occurred as a result of a dual-trailer semi trucks failure to stop at an intersection – resulting in the collision with an automobile. The semi truck initially collided with the passenger side of the automobile and ultimately sent both vehicles into a nearby field. The 32 year old female passenger of the automobile was pronounced dead at the scene. Both the passenger’s mother, who was driving the automobile, as well as the back seat occupant sustained serious injuries. The driver of the semi-truck was also injured in the accident and is currently listed in stable condition. According to local authorities, the semi truck’s speed played a likely factor in this accident. Investigations are still pending as to whether the drivers of either vehicle had been intoxicated.

Across the nation, speed continues to be a reoccurring factor in the cause of semi truck accidents. The rate of speed at which a semi truck operates is directly correlated with the risk of an accident. The risk of a semi truck accident substantially multiplies when the speed of the vehicle increases. In a study conducted a few years ago by the Office of Motor Carrier Safety, of the 4,614 fatal accidents involving semi trucks, over 982 of those accidents were a direct result of driver speed. The study also concludes that various factors play a role in speeding related semi truck accidents. For instance, reports found that 25% of all speeding related crashes for semi trucks tend to be associated with poor weather conditions. Unfortunately, until semi trucks adhere to their designated posted semi limit, accidents such as this one will continue to occur.

Each year our Chicago accident attorneys provide legal representation to those seriously injured in an array of accidents, including those involving semi trucks. Recently, we obtained $6.5 million settlement of behalf of a Huntley, Illinois family who endured a devastating loss and substantial injuries as a result of a negligent semi truck driver. During the investigation it was discovered that in addition to the semi truck’s excessive speed, the driver was under the influence of marijuana and operating an overloaded truck.

The injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti continue to fight for the legal rights of those affected by any and all acts of negligence. Nationwide, the negligent operation of semi trucks continuously causes numerous injuries and fatalities. If the life of you or someone you know has been significantly altered as the result of a negligent driver, you may be able to obtain legal relief for the damages incurred, as well as, punish the wrongdoer for the harm they have inflicted.

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