Semi Truck Accident Victim Awarded $7M Settlement

Earlier this month, a settlement was reached in the trial stemming from a 2010 semi truck accident in which a 59 year-old sustained devastating personal injuries. According to the news report, posted on, the accident in question transpired in February 2010 along an interstate highway when the victim was traveling in the roadway’s left lane.

It was alleged in court that the truck changed into the victim’s lane of travel and collided into the front of his passenger vehicle. The passenger vehicle was ultimately pushed sideways for a reported length of two football fields before coming to a complete stop. Local authorities cited the truck driver shortly after the accident for improper lane change; however, the ticket was ultimately dismissed.

As a result of the tragic accident, our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that the 59 year-old victim suffered neck and back injuries in the accident, which were further aggravated by his arthritis. Subsequently, the victim had to undergo lower back surgery. Court documents reveal that the victim will have to continue to undergo future surgery, including one to fuse the vertebrae in his back and neck.

Prior to the debilitating collision, the victim was working as a tollbooth attendant. Additionally, he was maintaining an exercise program in an effort to relive his arthritis, as well as, reduce its impact. However, our Illinois truck accident attorneys learned that the 59 year-old has been unable to return to work, as well as, continue his exercise program as a subsequent result of the accident.

The negligence lawsuit named both the truck driver and his trucking carrier as defendants. Ultimately, the jury determined that both the truck driver and his carrier contributed negligently to the accident. Our accident attorneys in Chicago read through a statement released by the plaintiff’s lawyer that defendants were found negligent on the basis that there were no witnesses or physical evidence to determine which driver came into contact with the other .

The 59 year-old toll both attendant was subsequently awarded $14.3 million in damages by the jury. However, the award will be cut in half due to the jurors belief of contributory negligence on behalf of the plaintiff. The $7 million settlement is expected to cover medical expenses, as well as, pain and suffering.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an Illinois trucking accident, please contact our experienced accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti to see what legal rights and relief may be available to you.

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