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Semi Truck Driver Sustains Severe Injury in Illinois Rollover recently reported that a semi truck driver is currently listed in critical condition after an Illinois semi truck rollover in La Salle earlier this week. The 54-year-old commercial vehicle driver was traveling along Interstate 80 when his vehicle rolled over on the exit ramp at I-80 westbound and I-39 northbound.

Local authorities state that the semi truck driver failed to properly maneuver his vehicle on the curved ramp which ultimately caused his tractor-trailer to overturn on the driver’s side. Upon rolling over, the vehicle traveled across two northbound lanes, coming to a rest in the middle of the roadway. Fortunately, no other vehicles were affected as a result of the semi truck rollover.

Given the enormous size and weight of commercial vehicles, a serious safety threat is posed in the event of a rollover collision. Due to the increasing number of rollover accidents on our roadways each year, a substantial amount of attention has been garnered on this severely devastating type of accident. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration recently conducted a study to evaluate heavy truck rollover accidents from 1994-2002 in order to determine the amount of injuries that occurred as the direct result of a rollover accident.

Though information obtained by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, research found that in 2002, 128 individuals were either incapacitated or fatally injured as a result of a semi truck rollover accident. Of those 128 individuals, only 37.5% were documented as using vehicle restraints, such as safety belts.

Our Chicago semi truck accident attorneys know that large semi tractor-trailers are considerably less maneuverable and must be operated with the utmost care. Although semi truck drivers are required to undergo extensive training and obtain a specialized license in order to operate an 80,000 pound vehicle, often times Illinois semi truck accidents occur through driver error or negligence.

When a commercial vehicle driver operates fatigued, under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance, or distracted (i.e. cell phone use) and causes a semi truck collision with another vehicle, the accident victim may have a cause of action against the truck driver and his trucking company for negligence.

If you or a loved one has sustained injury in a semi truck accident due to a careless or negligent semi truck driver, please contact our experienced truck accident attorneys in Chicago as soon as possible to see what legal remedies may be available to you.