Semitrailer Crashes and Bursts Into Flames

WDEF News reported yesterday on deadly trucking accident that took the life of the driver and snarled highway traffic for hours.

Shortly after 9:30 in the morning on Thursday a tire blew on a semitrailer traveling along the freeway . The tire went out just as the truck was rounding a curve in the road, and the driver of the vehicle was unable to control it following the blowout. Eventually the out-of-control truck hit a guardrail, flipped over the rail, and careened down a ravine on the side of the road. Almost as soon as the trailer hit the bottom of the ravine, it burst into flames.

Witnesses saw the accident and rushed to the scene. However, with the flames rising instantly, no one was able to get to the driver in time. The flames were so intense for so long that the driver’s body, the trailer, and all the material inside were virtually unidentifiable.

Our trucking accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti have decades of experience understanding the legal implications of these vehicle crashes. The size of these large moving machines and the speed at which they travel on our highways mean that they possess the potential to do immense harm. Fortunately in this case, the semi did not snare other vehicles in its wake. However, more often than not, when drivers loose control of these trailers, other cars, pedestrians, and property are devastated in their trail.

The potential for damage makes it all the more important for semi owners and drivers to take all possible precautions to ensure that safe driving is always practiced. From driving at the appropriate speed for conditions and making lane changes in a safe manner, it is imperative for semitrailer drivers not to make potential deadly driving mistakes.

Please contact a trucking crash attorney if you or a loved one have been involved in a harmful semi accident caused by someone else’s mistakes.

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