Semi-Truck Carrying Oversized Load Causes Standstill on Interstate 80 recently reported that a semi-truck attempting to travel under a bridge spilled its oversized load onto the highway and lost control in the process. A Chicago truck accident lawyer at our firm learned that the incident occurred on Interstate 80 around 10am, authorities stating the road was not big enough for the truck to pass through. This, in combination with the truck carrying too much weight, caused it to veer left and right and stop abruptly in the middle of the interstate.

Additionally, a second semi truck driving behind the first slammed into a container that was dropped from the load. Traffic was at a standstill on the interstate while Illinois State Police attempted to clear the scene. CBS News spoke with a woman who was traveling with her mother and children when the incident forced her to stop. She thought about what could have happened if she was directly behind both trucks, and believes that trucks on the highway should be regulated so accidents like this do not happen. “They should stop and get checked, and I think it should be mandatory. There should be standards set for all truckers,” she told reporters. Other drivers also came forward and expressed their concerns regarding the issue.

Police say they are looking into the semi-truck driver and encourage all drivers to do their part to make sure roads are safe. “If people are traveling around over sized vehicles, increase your following distance. It makes a huge difference and if you don’t have to pass them, if they are traveling the speed limit, keep your distance because if it hits something like this or if it loses control because of a slick spot or whatever, it’s an awful big output traveling at a pretty good rate of speed to try to avoid,” stated a local trooper.

After a few hours, I-80 was completely cleared off and drivers carried on as usual. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident.

Our attorneys understand that accidents involving semi trucks, trailer trucks, or other large commercial vehicles can result in personal injury and life altering consequences for not only drivers, but also other motorists and pedestrians on the roadway. Though the accident described fortunately did not result in any injures, it could have easily been prevented. The primary reason for the accident was oversized load the driver was carrying in his truck. Accidents with cargo involved have the potential of causing very serious injury to the driver and other motorists if the cargo is detached or spills as a result of the accident.

All semi truck drivers do face a number of regulations before driving to ensure they are well rested, all of their equipment is working properly, and they are not drinking and driving. Because of the great amount of energy and force associated with trucks, truck drivers need to be extremely cautious at all times, even at low speeds. Doing so will help to greatly reduce the number and severity of trucking accidents on Illinois roadways.

Despite the many regulations truck drivers face before driving, accidents continue to happen as a result of negligent drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, please contact our lawyers to find out what rights may be available to you. We are willing to assist you in determining in legal recourse is available to you, and are prepared to offer you the resources you need to seek legal action.

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