Semi-Truck Crash Injures Three

A week doesn’t go by without reports of truck accidents on Midwest highways and interstates. As our readers know, truck accidents are extremely dangerous, due to not only the significant height and weight of trucks, but also the impact when these vehicles travel at high speeds on highway roads.

According to an article by the Examiner, a recent semi-truck accident injured three people. The personal injuries were so serious as to send the individuals to local hospitals. Reports from the sheriff’s office indicated that one driver failed to stop at an intersection and when entering the crossing, the vehicle hit the axle of a semi-truck, which caused the car to go into a spin.

Bear in mind that not all truck accidents are the fault of the truck driver, but that drivers of smaller vehicles can be responsible for truck accidents and cause injury too. It appears in this case that it was not the negligence of the truck driver that caused the crash, but the car’s driver who failed to stop at the intersection. It is important not only for truck drivers to use caution on our roads, but for all drivers. Where everyone uses caution and safety, we can stop preventable accidents and keep people free from personal injuries and permanent life-long injuries. In addition to the regular safe driving practices we should all do, such as avoiding excessive speeding and obeying traffic signals, it is also vital to stay in the vision of truck drivers by not following too closely or getting in the driver’s blind spots. Where everyone is as safe of a driver as possible, more lives can be saved and more injuries prevented.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, whether by the fault of the truck driver or another driver, our Chicago accident attorneys may be able to help you. These accidents can cause severe and life-altering injuries, such as broken bones, loss of limbs, or paralysis. Not only can these injuries result in high medical bills, but also leave you with lost income from the time you were in the hospital or have permanently changed your career and leave you disabled. If your injuries have been caused as the result of another’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your suffering and losses through a personal injury lawsuit. Our law firm may be able to help you as we have helped others obtain fair and just verdicts and settlements in the past. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we would be happy to discuss your claims with you.

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