Semi-Truck Crash Kills a Tour Bus Driver

As our readers know, when collisions occur between large vehicles, such as trucks, the accidents can create significant damage and may cause passengers and drivers to sustain serious personal injuries. This is often due to the large size of such vehicles, both in height and weight. Additionally, larger vehicles like buses are often carrying a much greater number of people than passenger cars or trucks. These accidents therefore put a much greater number of people in danger of serious injuries, even including broken bones, loss of limbs, or paralysis.

The Sun Times recently reported on a bus accident involving a tour bus and a semi-truck. Unfortunately, the bus driver became trapped and died from accident-related injuries. Of the other 31 people on board the bus, two suffered moderate injuries, and all other suffered minor injuries. Eight people had to be transported to the local hospital, including the truck driver, as a result of the collision.

As of now, police have not released any other news regarding the cause of the crash except o say that t icy road conditions were likely to blame. It is still unknown why the truck was pulled over or how the bus driver lost control.

As winter hopefully winds down, our lawyers cannot continue to stress enough the importance of extra caution when driving in winter conditions to avoid falling victim to accidents such as the example above. When roads are icy and snowy, there is no such thing as being “too safe.” In these conditions, it is important to slow down, especially on interstates and hilly terrain Slippery roads make it much harder to make a fast stop in an emergency and that is why collisions are more likely to occur in snowy or icy conditions.

In the past, we have discussed how our bus accident lawyers represent clients in all types of accident lawsuits, including those involving charter buses, like the tour bus described in the bus accident above. Illinois is a major hub for both truck and bus travel, so collisions like these can occur more often than people imagine due to the large amount of incoming and outgoing traffic.

For over 20 years, our personal injury attorneys have fought to protect the rights of victims who have been injured due to another’s negligence. We understand that victims of these accidents can suffer injuries that may take a long time to heal or may even be permanent or life-changing. Serious injuries like these often leave victims with costly medical bills and lost wages from inability to work. Through an accident lawsuit, you may be able to recover these costs and be compensated for your hardship and suffering. Contact us today, and we would be happy to discuss your case with you in a free consultation.

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