Semi-Truck Driver Flees Fatal Accident

Trucking accidents caused as a result of driver fatigue and hit and run incidents are two issues that we frequently discuss on this blog. Our lawyers hope that by drawing attention to the issues, we can educate drivers about the dangers and prevent future accidents Unfortunately, in a recent incident both of these factors were at play.

According to a recent article by, a fatal semi-truck accident occurred on Interstate 70. The local authorities explained that an Impala was driving westbound on the interstate when the driver lost control, swerved to the right and then the left, and was then struck by a semi-truck. Following the collision, the semi-truck fled the scene and did not stop to attend to the accident. After this semi-truck hit and ran from the accident, a second semi-truck hit the Impala, which caused it to go into a ravine and the semi-truck to roll over.

Illinois State Police have hypothesized that the cause of the crash may be due to the driver of the Impala falling asleep just prior to the first collision. He had just completed an overnight shift at a fast food restaurant. After the collision he was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is the law to stop when you are in an accident, regardless of which drive was at fault, but unfortunately there are drivers who flee the scene. Understandably, a hit and run accident can cause many feelings of anxiety and helplessness, but it is important to take as much action as possible in these situations. According to , try to immediately record as much information as you can about the accident that just occurred. For instance, try to recall and provide a description of the vehicle that hit you so that you can file a police report. Also, write down the time and location of the accident, and details about the sequence of events that occurred. Furthermore, check to see if there were any witnesses to the accident, and take their names and contact information.

Also, as our readers know, fatigued driving is a type of impaired driving similar to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In all of these instances, a driver’s reaction time is slowed, awareness is decreased, and judgment is impaired, according to the National Safety Council. However, despite fatigued driving being so dangerous, accidents as a result of it are unfortunately all too common. According to a survey done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37% of surveyed drivers admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel at one point while driving, and 8% of those drivers admitted to doing so within the last 6 months. Additionally, these accidents commonly occur in fast-paced traffic like interstates. Of those who admitted falling asleep, 60% admitted they fell asleep while driving on a road with speeds of 55 mph or higher.

Our attorneys understand the long-lasting and often devastating impact that accidents caused by negligence can have on families. Even though it appears that the accident here was not the fault of the initial semi-truck driver, it is every driver’s duty to pull over to safety in the wake of a collision. As seen in this accident, injuries from truck accidents can be severe or deadly due to the size of semi-trucks and the speeds at which drivers travel on highways and interstates. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a truck accident, you may be able to recover compensation by seeking legal help. Call our firm today, and we would be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your potential case with you.

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