Seven Vehicle Trucking Crash Kills Two in Illinois

An Illinois trucking accident that occurred on July 15th on I-57 in Southern Illinois resulted in the death of two truck drivers. The truck crash involved a total of seven vehicles, including four semi-trucks, a Jeep and two pickup trucks. According to The Pantagraph, Illinois State Police have reason to believe that the accident was related to a slow-down in traffic due to construction in the area. Two of the semi-truck drivers were killed as a result of the personal injuries they suffered in the accident, one other person involved was airlifted to a local hospital, and one other person involved had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Other people were also involved in the crash but did not have to go to the hospital because any injuries they had were minor enough to leave untreated or were able to be treated at the scene. Following the accident, several fires started because of the semi-trucks that were involved in the trucking accident. The local firefighters had to be called and it took awhile to get all the flames under control, and there were even explosions resulting from the accident. The Hazmat team also had to be called to the scene, because two of the semi-trucks were carrying loads of hazardous material that spilled onto the road at the time the trucking accident occurred. Given the immensity of the accident and the commotion it created, the entire section, all lanes in this section of the road way, of the I-57 were shut down for around 57 hours. To read more about this disastrous trucking accident, please click on this link.

We often see accidents that are caused when traffic slows or comes to a stop suddenly because of accidents, construction or other stoppages. In this case, one of the semi-trucks failed to come to a stop fast enough, initiating a chain-reaction crash. This case illustrates the importance of paying attention to the road at all times in order to protect your safety and the safety of those around you. Staying alert will help to give you ample time to slow down when traffic slows. By slowing down early, you also warn drivers behind you that a slow-down is occurring, giving them time to slow down or stop as well.

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