Six Killed in Train Crash Leaving Chicago

The Chicago Tribune reported Friday on a devastating truck crash involving a semi-trailer that collided with an Amtrak train that began its journey in Chicago. According to the latest reports, the deadly collision between train and truck was a result of reckless conduct by the truck driver.

The National Transportation Safety Board explains that the gravel –filled truck driver was approaching the crossing on U.S. Route 95 near the town of Loevlock. He was leading a convoy of three tractor-trailers at the time. For reasons that are still unclear, the driver failed to timely notice that his machine was approaching the train crossing. Investigators believe that the signal lights and arms were working properly at the time. In fact, all data indicates that visibility at the time of the collision was excellent.

Yet, the driver hit his brakes only 320 feet before the rail crossing. He therefore did not have enough time to stop before barreling across the safety arms and into the side of the train. The devastation was severe. The truck was traveling at such a high speed at the time of the collision that the truck was embedded in the side of the train.

At least six people have already been confirmed dead, but emergency responders reportedly expect that number to increase as the search continues. The train conductor and truck driver were two of the victims. Dozens of others were injured. The rescue mission has been stalled by the fact that the burned out train cars were very unstable and unsafe for rescuers.

Our Illinois truck crash lawyers send condolences to all those involved in this deadly incident. A full investigation into the event must be conducted to better understand how something like this could have occurred. We encourage all victims of Chicago train accidents to get in touch with an Illinois injury attorney to ensure that rights are protected and vindicated.

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