Sleep Apnea Linked to Trucking Accident Rates

Sleep apnea is a serious problem for truck drivers and may be an underlying cause of many trucking accidents. According to Trucking Info, around three out of every ten truck drivers suffers from some level of sleep apnea, which leads to high rates of truckers driving while tired. Given the prevalence of this disorder among trucking drivers, many believe that sleep apnea will become a factor in proving negligence in trucking accident lawsuits. Plaintiffs attorneys could even use health reports to show that the trucker had symptoms of sleep apnea to help further their clients case against the trucking companies. Chicago injury attorneys remind companies that this could be a major problem for them and encourages letting this information lead them to address the severity of the problem and implement some kind of testing or regulation to ensure that their drivers are not on the road overly fatigued. One company that has taken this problem into their own hands reports that in a study done before and then after a fatigue management system was put into play, the percentage of crashes went down thirty percent. The way that this company handles the issue is by screening all applicant drivers and it they test positive for any level of sleep apnea to get them treatment and follow up with them for up to ninety days, if that amount of time is necessary given their issue. To read more about the connection between sleep apnea and trucking crashes, and what can be done to help fix this unnecessary problem, please click on this link.

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