Springfield Area Trucking Accident Injures Young Woman

An Illinois trucking accident that occurred near Lake Springfield on June 8th left a teenage girl with serious personal injuries. The accident occurred when the teenage victim got into an accident with a truck, spun around and was struck by another truck, causing the car to end up in a ditch. According to The State Journal-Register, at this point in time police are not sure which driver caused the truck accident and therefore no citations have been issued. The driver of the passenger car and her passenger were taken to a local hospital following the accident, and the teenage driver is still hospitalized. Neither of the semi-drivers were injured and did not need to go to the hospital following the accident. To read more about this Springfield trucking accident, please click on this link.

Teen drivers are at a higher risk of getting into traffic accidents than any other age group, and according to the National Safety Counsel, teenage traffic accidents account for about 44% of teenage deaths each year. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, teenage inexperience is a major factor in accidents involving teens and this issue is likely not helped out by the fact that the process for getting a driver’s license is not a very difficult or demanding. Like any other skill, learning to drive well and safely takes time and practice. This is one of the reasons that teenage drivers are at such a higher risk for accidents. Illinois accident attorneys remind adults to help young drivers learn the rules of the road and help make sure that teenage drivers get plenty of practice with experienced drivers before they are on the road alone.

Another major issue affecting teenage drivers is distractions that take teens attention off of the road. According to ABC News, distractions while driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Distractions range from talking on a cell phone, sending and receiving text messages, adjusting the radio, eating while driving, to other teenagers in the car that cause the driver to become distracted. To combat this issue, please talk to your teens about how dangerous it can be to lose focus from the road and how important it is to not let these distractions in while driving. One of the best ways to show teens how to not let distractions become the cause of an accident is to set an example and make sure not to allow distractions to take your focus of the road when you are driving with the teens in the car.

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