Student Dies As School Buses Collide with Semitrailer

A horrific trucking accident is being reported by CBS News involving two school buses, a pickup truck, and an eighteen wheel semitrailer. At least two deaths have already been confirmed, including the 19 year old driver of the pickup truck and a student in one of the buses.

The freeway accident was caused by a chain reaction beginning with the semitrailer slowing down in a construction zone. The pickup truck slammed into the back of the trailer, the first bus hit the truck, and the second bus hit the first bus. The collision of the two buses ultimately sent the first bus forward and on top of the pickup truck.

Besides the two deaths, dozens of children were injured in the accident. The buses were transporting band members of a local high school to an amusement park. The small town where the students lived was reeling in shock after the deadly accident.

Authorities confirmed that the chain-reaction collision was caused by several vehicles inability to slow down sufficiently while traveling at high freeway speeds. One of the buses had moved into the left lane to give a distressed vehicle room directly before the collision.

The tragic accident highlights the multitude of possible disruptions that occur in highway travel. With construction zones, distressed vehicles, and other incidents occurring on the road, driver speed changes frequently and quickly. These quick speed changes by different drivers require everyone to remain constantly vigilant to the goings-on of each vehicle around them. An accident can just as easily be cause by another driver’s negligence as well as your own.

Our trucking accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti understand the perilous circumstances that lead to many traffic accidents. We are committed to sorting through the details of these crashes to help suffering victims understand the causes and protect their losses. Please contact our office to learn more about your legal rights when a harmful car or trucking crash occurs.

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