Tanker Truck Crash on Bishop Ford Expressway

All truck accidents present the high likelihood of causing extreme damage because of the size of the vehicle and the weight of the metal that bears down. Obviously no other vehicle on the road is capable of causing as much destruction when not handled properly. It is for that reason that all those involved in truck travel-from the manufacturers to the operators and drivers-must ensure that all steps are taken to ensure traveler safety.

That demand is even more paramount when a truck is hauling a load that poses unique risks-such as tankers carrying gasoline or other toxic substance. Accidents involving the machines are often the absolute worst on the road. The substance is capable of intensifying whatever damage was initially caused by the crash.

A similar high-risk crash struck on the Bishop Ford last week.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times the tanker truck crash occurred last Thursday morning near the south suburb of Dalton. Shortly before 9 a.m. the large truck collided with two cars in the northbound lanes of the Bishop Ford, near the Sibley Boulevard exit. One of the vehicles received only minimal contact, but the second car was crushed.

According to emergency responders, one woman had to be cut out of the most severely damaged vehicle; amazingly, she was not seriously hurt. In another turn of luck, the larger tanker did not leak fuel.

Our Chicago truck crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti realize that it is incredibly fortunate that all involved escaped serious injury in this crash. We understand that many victims are not so lucky. If you or a family member has suffered in an accident involving one of these large vehicles, be sure to contact a truck accident attorney today.

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