Tanker Truck Involved in Crash

When truck and motor vehicle accidents occur, we do not only need to worry about injury caused by impact and debris. The vehicles we drive run on fuels, which are classified as hazardous materials. Spills and leaks of these hazardous materials in crashes can pose serious consequences, as discussed below.

According to an article by the Los Angeles Times, a tanker truck was involved in an accident on Interstate 5. As a result of the accident, diesel fuel was spilled along the roadways. The spill from the 26,000 pound truck was so large and hazardous that that the freeway lanes and onramp were closed for some time. Traffic became backed up for many miles as the spill was so large and required intense clean-up.

When motor vehicle and truck accidents cause fuel spills, there can be serious consequences. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration, fuel, such as gasoline, oil, and diesel, are hazardous materials. When such hazardous materials are present, response personnel must attend to environmental impacts and safety issues. Even though hazardous materials fuel our vehicles, when they are spilled in an accident they can pose a threat to public safety. Vehicular fluids include fuel, radiator coolant, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and battery acid. Such materials are flammable and poisonous and can even cause explosion in accidents.

Furthermore, injuries suffered from truck accidents and fuel spills can be severe and life-changing. It is important for victims and their families to take legal action and obtain compensation and justice for harms causes, such as permanent injuries, medical bills, and lost income. If you or someone in your family has been injured as the result of someone’s negligence, you may be able to hold that individual accountable through a personal injury or wrongful death action. However, it is important to keep in mind that Illinois places a time limit upon when these lawsuits can be filed, per the “statute of limitations.” It is important to take legal action as quickly as possible in order to protect your interests and rights. Our lawyers have represented clients in accident lawsuits since 1992, and would be happy to discuss your potential case with you in a free consultation. Call our firm today, and we may be able to help you obtain the justice that you deserve.

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