Teen Killed in Danvers Truck Accident

Loss of life from motor vehicle accidents is always heartbreaking news, but it is especially tragic to hear when the deceased was very young and had much life to live ahead of him. However, when we hear of such accidents, it is also important that we examine the accident itself and reflect on what we as a community of drivers can do differently to prevent such accidents and how we can set an example to reinforce safe driving behaviors for others.

The Pantagraph reported on a semi-truck trailer collision that took the life of a Danvers man. The accident occurred just east of the intersection of Illinois 9 and Illinois 122, south of Danvers. The deceased was driving eastbound on Illinois 9 when he crossed over the center line and into the path of a semitruck. The deceased man from Danvers died from “multiple blunt injuries” from this accident. The collision is still under investigation by local authorities.

This accident exemplifies how imperative it is that we practice safe driving every time we get behind the wheel. Not only does careful driving prevent accidents and injuries to others, but it keeps us as drivers safe as well. As you can see from this truck accident and others that we have blogged about before, such accidents are extremely dangerous for those involved due to the extreme size difference between trucks and passenger motor vehicles. If we practice safe driving by being vigilant to the road and vehicles around us, not excessively speeding, and avoiding distractions and driving while fatigued, many accidents could be prevented.

The article does not elaborate on what caused the teen driver to cross the center line. However, our lawyers know all too well that teen drivers are at a greater risk for accident injuries or death than those drivers who are older and more experienced. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. In 2011 alone, 2,650 teenagers from the ages of 16 – 19 died, and 292,000 required emergency room treatment from motor vehicle accident injuries. From these statistics, seven teens in the 16 – 19 age group died every day in car crashes. From lack of experience, teens are more likely to underestimate dangerous situations or not recognize hazards at all. They are also more likely to speed and allow shorter distance between them and other vehicles. This group of people also has the lowest seat belt usage rate. In fact, in 2013, only 55% of high school students reported that they always wear their seat belt. Lastly, many teens die from accidents where alcohol was involved; 23% of those aged 15 to 20 involved in fatal crashes were drinking in the year 2012. These accidents are preventable, and we need to educate and reinforce in our young drivers the importance of safe driving and knowing proper driving skills before they get behind the wheel.

Our law firm cares about the safety of teen drivers and all drivers on the road. We urge you to share these statistics with a loved one who is a teenager in your life, and to be a role model of safe behavior for these individuals. Preventable accidents should never have to occur, so let’s all work together to put a stop to reckless driving.

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