Three-Semi Accident Caused By Erratic Truck Driver

Occasionally truck crashes are products of true accident, with no one to blame. However, negligent actions by one or more people is actually at the core of the incident in more cases than many realize. A trucker’s poor driving ability is one of the most obvious, and egregious, forms of potentially harmful negligence. It remains self-evident that no one should be behind the wheel of one of these machines if they are incapable of safely driving the semitrailer.

However, poor truck drivers continue to take up space on our roads. One of them caused a truck accident yesterday according to reports from WHPTV News. Two semitrailers were parked alongside Interstate 81 as overflow from the full rest stop nearby. As they stopped there a third semi was traveling along the highway. As the third truck came upon that point on the road the truck swerved to the shoulder and clipped both stopped machines.

The driver of the erratic semi was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Fortunately, no one else was hurt in the truck crash.

Fellow truck drivers explained that the crash was only a matter of time, because they had previously noticed the erratic traveling of the driver. Talking to one another through CB radios, they reported comments, “Look at this guy. He’s swerving all over.”

One explained, “I would stay away from him. He would speed up and slow down. Around bends he had trouble negotiating turns.”

Our Chicago truck crash attorneys know that all those involved in this crash are lucky to be alive. No matter what the circumstances, when control is lost of these large machines the damage is usually catastrophic. That is why it is imperative that the drivers who manage semis be of the utmost quality. If you or someone you know has been hurt by the poor driving of a truck driver please contact our truck accident attorneys to learn about the legal issues related to your case.

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