Three-Vehicle Accident Kills One and Injures Four On Illinois Tri-State Tollway

Police are currently investigating a three-vehicle accident that killed one and injured four on the Tri-State Tollway in Deerfield. A Chicago truck accident lawyer at our firm learned that the accident took place at about 8:30am last Sunday on Interstate 94 near Lake-Cook Road. states that the vehicles involved included a tow truck, a van and a passenger vehicle.

Illinois State Police Tollway District master sergeant told reporters that a 40 year-old man of Algonquin was on his way to work when he began to slow his vehicle to pass through an I-PASS collection lane. As he slowed, a pick up truck behind him continued at normal speed and collided with the back of the passenger vehicle. Just seconds later, a van collided with the back of the pick up truck.

After authorities arrived at the crash scene, four people with life-threatening injuries were taken to an area hospital for serious injuries. The driver from Algonquin was declared dead at the scene. The report states that his specific cause and manner of death was undetermined as of Sunday afternoon and an autopsy was scheduled for Monday. Police cannot disclose any additional details about the crash because their investigation is still active.

From the perspective of our attorneys, thousands of motorists drive through I-PASS lanes on Illinois tollways every day. The prepaid electronic toll collection system is thought to be convenient for essentially everyone in that it saves the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (IHTSA) and common motorists time and money on a regular basis. However, as proven by the above report, accidents may occur if motorists do not travel through I-PASS lanes properly.

It is encouraged that when approaching a toll collection system that either includes using an I-PASS or paying with coins or cash, motorists should choose the lanes that are the proper width and height for their vehicle. Tollway signs generally indicate which lanes trucks and passenger vehicles should drive through. It is encouraged that once motorists choose the lane they will pay in, they remain in that lane. Changing lanes at the last second may increase the risk of a collision occurring. Additionally, be sure to slow down fully to the speed limit indicated at the toll, even stopping if necessary. Speed limits usually range from 15-30mph. Always remain alert for other motorists around you and be sure to allow proper distances between their vehicles and yours; this is especially necessary at times when the tollway is more congested, such as during rush hour.

Driving through toll collection systems on Illinois tollways is a relatively easy and safe procedure if these steps are followed. Although the above report does not specify who was to blame for the accident, victims have the right to seek legal compensation for their injuries if any of the drivers were negligent. This negligence may be caused by a number of factors such as driving inattentively, driving under the influence, or texting while driving.

In the case that you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to a negligent motorist, contact our law firm to learn about what rights may be available to you. We are prepared to offer you the resources you need to seek legal action.

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