Tipped Semi-Truck Causes Chain Reaction of Car Accidents

A semi-truck accident occurred on Interstate 55/70 at the intersection of Illinois Route 203 injuring three people. According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the accident occurred in the early evening on February 8th and while three people were injured, all of them were taken to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

The accident occurred when a semi truck was attempting to exit the Interstate and while on the exit ramp, tipped over on the ramp. When the truck tipped over, the entire load of coal that it was carrying spilled onto the roadway. The tip occurred on a bridge overpass section of the highway, so the spill not only covered the area around the truck but also debris fell onto the Interstate area below where the bridge was located. The falling debris caused a chain reaction of car accidents, with multiple people swerving or slamming on their breaks in reaction to the truck’s spilled load of debris. The section of Interstate 55/70 where the trucking accident occurred was closed for four hours following the accident so the area could be cleaned up.

Police believe that the truck driver driving too fast for the exit caused the truck accident, so the driver was charged with failing to reduce his speed in order to avoid an accident and for losing the truck load that he was carrying. Two of the other drivers involved in the chain reaction car accident were also charged with failing to reduce their speed in order to avoid an accident.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys remind both truck drivers and passenger car drivers of the importance of always maintaining a safe speed while driving, so you will be able to react in time if you need to stop suddenly to avoid an accident. Accidents like the one mentioned above are a perfect example of how sudden stops can pop up out of nowhere, and drivers have to react immediately. The drivers driving on the road behind the truck driver and the drivers driving under the bridge where the accident occurred both had to react very suddenly when the debris started spilling onto the road. If you are traveling too fast, it is very difficult to stop right away when the situation arises and it becomes very easy to get into a car accident. Please make sure to drive at or below the posted speed limit at all times you are on the road and always make sure to be alert and aware of what is going on around you on the roadway!

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