Tire Blowout Causes Semi Truck Collision Near Wadsworth

Although our truck accident lawyers regularly discuss motor vehicle accidents that are caused by negligent drivers, others can be due to defective parts or general vehicle malfunctions. This may include defects with brakes, seatbelts, the steering wheel, airbags, or tires, all of which can occur for a variety of reasons and often without warning. If your vehicle endures a vehicle malfunction while you are driving, the experience can be scary and can potentially cause serious injury to you or others involved in a collision.

According to ABC 7 News, a box truck blew a tire while traveling in the northbound lane of Interstate 94 near Wadsworth last month. The truck lost control and sideswiped a semi truck shortly afterwards. Even worse, the semi-truck then hit the center median and light pole, which fell across the southbound lanes of the interstate and struck three vehicles in the opposite lanes. The semi truck burst into flames, and traffic was backed up in both directions as officials cleared the scene.

Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported in this multi-vehicle accident. National crash data shows approximately 23,000 collisions and 530 fatalities take place every year around the country because of tire blowouts. Though this type of malfunction is common, its occurrence is generally unexpected and can have serious consequences.

If you experience a tire blowout, your vehicle will begin to slow down and pull strongly to the left or right depending on which tire burst. It is advised to slightly accelerate to keep your vehicle traveling at a constant speed and steer in the opposite direction of where the vehicle is being pulled. Once your vehicle is under control, pull over to a safe location.

In general, all motorists should keep their vehicles properly maintained to avoid malfunction and to ultimately avoid an accident. In the case above, completing regular tire pressure checks may have been the difference between experiencing a tire blowout or not. If you do keep up with a regular maintenance schedule and are the victim of a vehicle defect, the vehicle manufacturer may be at fault for defective manufacturing and may be held liable for the injuries or damages you suffered.

Accidents involving vehicle malfunction can become very complex in determining how the malfunction occurred, who was at fault, and if driver negligence was a factor in the accident. Every year, our law firm provides qualified legal representation to individuals and families who have been injured or killed as a result of careless motorists. In the case of an accident caused by vehicle malfunction to the driver, we can help you determine where liability falls, in addition to helping accident victims compensate for personal injury, medical, and property damage expenses sustained in the accident.

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