Tour Bus Crash Kills Nine

Highways collisions between large vehicles, such as trucks or buses, can lead to serious injuries and fatalities because of their size and momentum when travelling at high speeds. Unfortunately these factors played a role in a recent accident in northern California that claimed the lives of nine people, injuring many others. According to an article by ABC, a Fed Ex truck with a tractor-trailer attached collided with a tour bus that was carrying high school students to visit a college campus. The truck was heading southbound on the highway when it crossed into oncoming traffic, and collided with a Nissan Altima, followed by the tour bus. As a result of this accident 32 people were hospitalized. The truck driver and tour bus driver were killed, along with seven students who were passengers on the bus. The accident is still under investigation at this time. Preliminary reports have stated that the truck may have been trying to avoid hitting the Altima when it hit the charter bus.

While it is always unfortunate when fatal traffic accidents occur, it is especially devastating when these accidents separate families and cut short the lives of young people. As noted above, the students were en route to tour a college as prospective students, exemplifying the potential they still had yet to live up to in their young lives. As a result of what could have been another’s negligence, nine lives were lost, and seven families will miss seeing their children grow up and reach their dreams.

What is also worrisome about this bus accident is that it easily could have happened in Illinois as well. Our state is a major hub for passenger bus transportation, with many schools and tourist attractions located near busy and congested Chicago area expressway. Thousands of people in Illinois rely on bus transportation every day, and they should be able to trust that they will be able to arrive to their destinations safely and not fear an accident from the negligence of others on our roadways.

Our Chicago based attorneys file bus accident lawsuits for people who suffered injuries in accidents caused by the negligence or misconduct of others on the road. Our lawyers are focused on using the court system to set legal examples in order to help to decrease the number of fatal accidents in Illinois. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the harms caused to you and yours, so take action early to protect your rights.

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