Traffic Fatality Prompts Change for Illinois Roadway

After an Illinois trucking accident took the life of a 68 year-old woman earlier this month, a Rockton town board is appealing to the state of Illinois to improve roadway conditions to prevent a similar accident from ensuing in the future. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers read an article on detailing the proposed upgrades for the Illinois 2 intersection which was the site of the fatal accident when the accident victim attempted to turn east on Roscoe Road and was struck by a northbound semi tractor-trailer. According to town board members, the intersection has been a common cause of concern due to various line-of-sight issues and a hill that comes to a crest at the Roscoe Road intersection.

In a unanimous vote by the town board to upgrade the intersection at Roscoe Road and to eventually widen the roadway from two to four lanes within the next fiscal year, the town is pleading with the Illinois Department of Transportation to help make this goal possible. While the untimely fatality of the 68 year-old woman prompts roadway changes, local officials in Rockton have made several attempts over the years to expand the highway and improve the Roscoe Road intersection. In fact, only a few short months ago the Illinois Department of Transportation began a $21 million roadway improvement project that will ultimately expand Illinois 2 to four lanes from Elmwood Road to Latham Road – an approximate stretch of three miles.

Unfortunately, despite the significant number of traffic accidents that occur at this particular dangerous intersection, it may ultimately take several years before the improvements are complete. Any Chicago truck accident attorney will tell you that although many traffic accidents are caused by driver error, another common cause motor vehicle accidents is roadway conditions and/or failure to promptly improve roadways. In order to properly handle and repair these roadway conditions, state transportation agencies across the country should not worry about constructing new roadways, but instead focus on updating existing roadways to meet the current and future needs of that particular road.

When improvements to roadway safety are implemented, a substantial dent is made in the rate of traffic accidents that occur nationwide each year. Our accident lawyers in Chicago continue to encourage annual improvements to roadways, as well as, safe operation for drivers of any and all types of vehicles. With the holidays rapidly approaching, drivers must exercise the utmost care when operating their vehicles in order to prevent the recurrence of these types of devastating motor vehicle accidents.

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