Tragic Chicago-Area Truck Crash in Parking Lot

The Daily Herald reported on a bizarre truck accident that recently struck in the Chicago suburb of Batavia.

Around 6:30pm on Wednesday, 30-year old Christopher Dunlap drove into a Wal-Mart parking lot. The man was attending medical school on an Army scholarship after completing his military service. Dunlap was the only person in the small Hyundai when the car inexplicably drifted underneath a semitrailer was parked in the lot. The small car went completely underneath the truck, coming out the other side. The man died while en route to a nearby hospital.

No witnesses saw exactly what happened, except several heard the crash. Police are still investigating to determine whether Dunlap was shopping at the store and exactly what caused his car to slide underneath the unmanned semitrailer.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti send condolences to the family of the victim. Truck accidents like these seem to be works of fiction, because no clear answers can be given as to the cause or circumstances that led to it. Of course, there could have been a vehicle malfunction or perhaps a separate medical condition that afflicted the man, leading to his loss of control of the car.

This particular accident may also serve as a reminder to the fact that tragic vehicle accidents can occur at anytime and anywhere. Many of us likely let our guard down when we enter parking lots or are in zones where we are traveling particularly slowly. While it is true that high speeds obviously present more threat of harm following crashes, the risk is not entirely eliminated in other circumstances. Any time that large mechanical machines are involved-particularly large semitrailers-than there remains the potential for fatal injury. It is imperative for all drivers drive carefully and remain on alert at all times.

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