Troy Trucking Accident Causes Damage to Bridge

A trucking accident occured on July 7th in Troy, Illinois which resulted in the closure of Illinois Route 162. The trucking crash occurred when a truck was traveling on the I-55/70 which then crossed under the bridge, and the truck then struck the outside edge of the bridge, causing damage to the bridge itself and to the road that crossed over the bridge. According to The Telegraph, the reason the bridge has to be closed following the truck crash is because the trucking accident loosened some concrete and the Illinois Department of Transportation wanted to inspect the damage to insure that it was still safe for cars to drive across without any additional repairs. Work is currently underway on the bridge to replace the damaged areas and to make sure the bridge is back up to the appropriate safety standards before reopening the road. To read more about this Troy trucking accident, please click on this link.

The Department of Transportation makes it their goal to close roads after accidents in cases where drivers could be placed in danger if they remained open. This includes situations, like the one mentioned above, where the roadway itself may have suffered some structural damages as well as other types of disruption such as a spill on the road resulting from a commercial trucking accident. Illinois accident attorneys point out how helpful and important these preventative measures are, because if a potentially dangerous stretch of road is left open following a car or trucking accident it is far too likely that another accident will occur in that same spot. Department of Transportation workers also realize how much of a delay closing the roadways can be and do their best to fix the issue and reopen the road as soon as possible.

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