Truck Accident Injures Seven

A truck crash that occurred on the morning of July 31st on I-80/I-94 left seven people injured. The accident occurred when a car was slowing down for traffic and a semi-truck struck the back of the passenger car. Another passenger car also became involved in the accident, and in all seven people, including the truck driver, had to be taken to local hospitals for treatment of their personal injuries. Luckily, everyone involved in the accident is expected to be okay, but according to WGN TV, one of the passenger cars as well as the truck were totaled in the accident. To read more about this weekend trucking accident, please click on this link.

Accidents like this occur all the time, when drivers fail to pay attention to other cars on the road and do not allow themselves enough time or space to slow down behind traffic. This accident shows the importance of always maintaining an appropriate distance behind other vehicles, so when you do need to slow down quickly you will have enough space to slow down without striking another car. In addition to this being important to keep you from getting into an accident, usually when accidents occur for a slowdown in traffic, they lead to a chain reaction crash due to the close proximity of other cars. Illinois injury attorneys ask drivers to always make sure to leave adequate space between your car and the car in front of you and to always stay focused on the road so you will be immediately aware of a quick slow down in traffic.

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