Truck Accident Leaves Driver With 3rd Degree Burns

Oftentimes when people envision the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, they picture a victim suffering concussions or broken bones due to the impact of the collision. However, these collisions can often involve a lot of heat and friction, and there may even be fires due to vehicles running off of flammable fuels. For these reasons, many victims of accidents often suffer minor to severe burns as well. As we have talked about before, truck accidents pose an even greater risk for personal injuries, including burns, due to the large size in weight and height of trucks.

According to an article by WCTV a recent truck accident left one motorist victim with both 2nd and 3rd degree burns. At the time of the accident, a dump truck was carrying 21 tons of hot asphalt. A car pulled out in front of the truck making a left turn. The truck crashed into the car, and then flipped over off the side of the road and crashed. Occurring in front of a local store, an employee witness described the scene of the dump truck hitting trees and catching fire, following by the driver jumping out of the vehicle covered in burns and screaming.

We have previously discussed the dangers of rollover accidents, and this case is a prime example of the dangers these accidents create. Here, not only did the victim suffer from the collision of his truck rolling over, but due to the hazardous cargo he was carrying, suffered severe burns all over his body. While all types of vehicles can roll over, tall and narrow vehicles like trucks and SUVs have higher centers of gravity and are more susceptible to rolling over, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website Furthermore, speed is a major factor in rollover crashes. Seeing as this accident occurred on a highway where drivers typically driver at higher speeds than city roads, it is understandable why a rollover occurred. According to the same source, nearly three-quarters of all fatal rollovers take place where the posted speed limit was 55 mph or higher.

Burn injuries are a serious medical and legal concern. Where a victim suffers burns from a motor vehicle accident, they often need long term and expert care to deal with these severe injuries. However, these injuries not only result from car and truck accidents, but from explosions, building fires, and other events. Where such injuries occur as the result of another’s negligence, burned patients can hold the that negligent individual liable in a personal injury lawsuit for being the cause of their suffering. Through a lawsuit, the plaintiff may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and the suffering and trauma they have endured from suffering burns.

Our attorneys have successfully handled a number of burn injury cases and advocated for innocent victims in recovering fair and just verdicts and settlements. We even helped one family obtain a $2.3 million settlement in a case where their two young children and another’s infant were killed in a fire in a Chicago Housing Authority building. If you or a loved one has suffered due to another’s negligence, we may be able to help you too. Contact our firm for a free consultation, and our attorneys would be happy to discuss your potential case and the legal options available to you.

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