Truck Accident Victim Awarded $4.68M Settlement

A negligence lawsuit stemming from a devastating trucking accident has finally reached a settlement – according to Our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that a jury awarded the accident victim $4.65 million as a result of the tragic injuries he sustained as a result of the negligent truck driver. The accident in question transpired in late November 2008 when the victim’s passenger vehicle was rear ended by the defendant’s large commercial vehicle. Upon collision, the victim’s car was crushed and lifted off the ground – subsequently dragged down the expressway.

The negligence lawsuit asserted that the truck driver had quickly changed lanes prior to the devastating collision. At trial, an accident reconstructionist expert testified that the truck driver was speeding upon collision and negligently caused the accident. The accident victim required advanced medical attention for injuries sustained as a result of the accident which ultimately included having to undergo spinal surgery. During surgery to the victim’s spine, a required insertion of three artificial implants had to be inserted in the 53 year-olds neck.

Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers learned that the accident left the victim unable to return to his job of over 33 years. The jury awarded the victim over $1.5 million to compensate for lost wages, as well as, medical expenses. The trucking company was ultimately found negligent and is required to pay an additional $1.5 million for conscious pain and suffering which would remain with the victim every day for the rest of his life – according to the 53 year-olds treating physicians who testified at trial.

Our experienced Illinois truck accident attorneys have handled a number of cases involving the devastating effects that semi truck accidents have on their victims. We recently obtained a record $6.5 million settlement on behalf of the accident victims of an Illinois trucking accident. Due to the negligence of a semi truck driver, who was later found to be under the influence of marijuana, as well as, operating an overloaded trailer, an Illinois family sustained a devastating loss in an accident that killed a woman and severely injured her husband and son.

Every Chicago accident attorney at Levin & Perconti provides qualified legal representation to those whose lives have been significantly altered at the hands of a negligent driver. Our attorneys ensure that our clients are properly compensated for their devastating injuries and losses. We hold large commercial vehicle drivers, as well as, their companies liable for their failure to maintain the safe operation of large commercial vehicles. Our lawyers can help victim’s family members, as well as, those injured themselves seek justice against the negligence of wrongdoers.

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