Truck Crash Causes By Driver Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

One of the preeminent safety risks related to truckers and semi-transportation is that of driver fatigue. History has shown clearly that trucking accidents occur with startling frequency with the weariness of the driver at least a partial cause.

The risk is not a new or unknown danger. It is common knowledge that extended periods of time behind the wheel leads to slowly deteriorated driving ability with less acute reaction times and weakened ability to recognize potential dangers. The most obviously damaging form of driver fatigue involves falling asleep behind the wheel. In those cases, the semi becomes a deadly object, out-of-control, and barreling down the roadway preparing to crush whatever is in its path.

It is a truly terrifying scenario.

Yet, even though the consequences of failure to get appropriate rest are clear, it still happens all the time.

KCRA News reported on another truck driver that fell asleep in a big rig earlier this month. Shortly after 5 a.m., the driver of a semi fell asleep behind the wheel on a southbound stretch of freeway. When he nodded off, the truck sped down an embankment, overturning the semi and causing damage. Fortunately, the driver survived the trash crash. It was also only blind luck that other drivers were not caught in the crosshairs of this out-of-control machine.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti know that other cases do not involve similar luck. We have worked with many victims and their families after negligent truck drivers have caused accidents with catastrophic consequences. Ideally no family would ever have to endure the suffering that follows these accidents. However, if it occurs, it is imperative that victims hold the negligent drivers and trucking companies accountable so that future truck crash victims are spared similar heartbreak.

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