Truck Crashes Into Chicago Store, Pinning a Woman Inside

Shopping and motor vehicle accidents are not two things that we normally associate with each other. Normally, crashes occur on the roads where we are driving, not in the local stores where we are doing our errands. However, according to recent news, one woman was the victim of a truck accident while shopping at a local Chicago store.

According to an article by ABC, the woman, who was buying a lottery ticket, suffered personal injuries when a pickup truck came crashing through the store’s wall. The vehicle collided with a vending and ice machine and pushed the victim between the machine and a wall. Luckily, she only suffered minor personal injuries, although she was within mere inches of being crushed by the truck. The accident occurred after the pickup truck hit two other cars at an intersection outside, according to the same article. Thankfully, the store manager who normally would have been standing at the counter was injured.. Had he been in his normal station of the store he would have almost definitely been in harm’s way.

Our attorneys use this forum to remind drivers, pedestrians and others about the dangers of accidents involving trucks, however in instances like this there is nothing that the victim could have done to anticipate this danger or keep herself out of harm’s way. Thankfully for her she walked away with minor injuries, but we know that some victims in these types of accidents are not so lucky. The news coverage did not expand on why the truck driver lost control of his vehicle or what other factors may have led to these events, but having worked with victims of car and trucking accidents for over 20 years, our lawyers know that reckless behaviors such as speeding, aggressive driving, driver distraction or intoxication often play a role in serious accidents.

Although the woman in this accident was left with only minor personal injuries, the facts show that just a change in inches could have meant her life. Our lawyers know that this close proximity is nothing to take lightly, and that preventable close calls of life or death such as this should not happen. That is why negligent drivers should be held accountable, and why we always strive to obtain justice for victims and use accident lawsuits to raise awareness surrounding safety issues on our roads to prevent future injuries and fatalities to others.

We understand that the types of injuries that occur from truck accidents can be fatal or life-altering. Long-lasting injuries include broken bones, severe burns, paralysis, and more. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a truck accident lawsuit to hold any and all wrongdoers accountable. Accident lawsuits have time limitations so be sure to seek legal advice early to protect your right to seek compensation for the harms caused to you.

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