Truck Driver Charged in 2011 Crash Arrested in Illinois

After a 2-year old boy was tragically killed in a 2011 traffic accident caused by a negligent truck driver, his family has been seeking justice for his death for nearly two years. World-Herald Bureau recently reported that last month, the driver responsible for the accident was finally charged and arrested in southwestern Illinois.

In the December 2011 crash, the 53-year old truck driver was eastbound on Interstate 80 when his truck rear-ended the passenger vehicle driven by the boy’s father. Though the boy was properly secured in a child seat, he was killed upon impact. The father suffered severe injuries, while the boy’s mother and sibling, also passengers in the vehicle, suffered minor injuries.

The report states that the truck driver was driving for a local trucking company when the accident took place. An accident reconstruction specialist concluded that he was driving at an excessive speed while the roads were slick due to poor weather conditions and declared this as the primary contributing factor in the collision. Police also reported that the driver was charged with many additional offenses in the past and proving that he has no regard to the law. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide.

According to reports, the boy’s family is happy that they have made advancement since the accident and that the negligent driver cannot put any more lives at risk. For others, this accident is a reminder of how serious the consequences can be for something like speeding, an act that thousands of drivers are guilty of every single day on Illinois roadways. The Governor’s Highway Traffic Administration defines speeding as one component of aggressive driving that endangers others by either exceeding the posted speed limit, driving too fast for conditions, or racing, and continues to be a major factor in about one-third of traffic fatalities.

It is critical to pay close attention to speed limit signs on side roads or highways and to drive under these limits. This is especially true in work zones and areas near construction where fines are given to those who disobey the given speed limit. Remain aware of the appropriate speed needed for driving in poor weather conditions such as rain, sleet, wind, fog, or snow, and always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one in an accident caused by a negligent or careless driver, seeking quality legal representation is recommended. Our wrongful death law firm represents individuals and families who have suffered from medical costs, funeral expenses, property damage, or emotional damage after the loss of a loved one. Please contact us to discuss your potential lawsuit.

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