Truck Driver Faces Charges for Hit-and-Run

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys recently read a report on detailing the arrest of a large commercial vehicle driver after his involvement in a hit-and-run accident. The article reveals that the accident transpired when the semi truck struck a small passenger vehicle that was stopped at a red light. The large truck continued to drive up and over the hood of the passenger vehicle before fleeing the scene of the accident.

The driver of the passenger vehicle required advanced medical care for injuries sustained in the accident and her motor vehicle sustained additional heavy damage. The truck driver, who was traveling from Decataur, Illinois, was subsequently located shortly after the accident.

The 31 year-old truck driver was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, as well as, careless and negligent operation of a large commercial vehicle. The driver was also issued additional violations from the Department of Motor Vehicles after a post-accident inspection revealed inaccuracies in the commercial vehicle driver’s logbook, in addition to, driving in excess of the hours-of-service rule without sufficient rest.

The driver has been issued a $156 ticket and was ordered out of service for 10 hours for falsifying his driver’s logbook. The additional citations received by the commercial vehicle driver include failure to record mileage, driving more than 11 hours straight, and exceeding the number of hours permitted to driver within an 11 hour period.

Any Chicago truck accident lawyer will tell you that hit-and-run accidents are particularly devastating, especially if it is committed at the hands of a large commercial vehicle driver. Any time a semi truck is operated there are various rules and regulations the driver, as well as, the trucking company must follow in order to ensure the utmost safety.

If the truck driver or their trucking carrier refuses to adhere to these regulations and an accident ensues, a civil claim of negligence may be made against the wrongdoer. In the event that a semi truck driver flees the scene of an accident, they may be punished with a fine and imprisonment based on the state’s laws and the severity of the damages the accident caused.

If you have been injured in an Illinois trucking accident or have lost a loved one due to a careless or negligent semi truck driver, please contact an accident attorney in Chicago as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable attorneys will examine the facts of your case, evaluate your claim, review available options, as well as, work with insurance companies and other involved parties in your case to ensure that you or your loved one is properly assisted in your time of need.

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