Truck Driver Faces Criminal Charges for DWI and Drug Possession

Yesterday, a Chicago truck accident lawyer at our firm read a news report detailing the criminal charges a large commercial vehicle driver faces for possession of drugs and operating while intoxicated over the past weekend. According to an article posted on, local authorities initially pulled the truck driver over after he was seen driving erratically down a city street. Despite multiple attempts by the police to pull over the driver, the vehicle kept weaving and refrained from pulling over for more than three blocks.

Upon stopping the semi tractor-trailer, it was reported that the semi truck driver struggled when exiting the commercial vehicle and ultimately fell out of the truck’s cab. Upon a brief investigation and an apparent strong odor of alcohol being emitted from the driver, he was arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. It was later revealed after administering a blood alcohol test that the truck driver had a blood alcohol level of .163 – more than twice the legal limit.

Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys learned that an additional investigation in the driver’s truck was conducted where it was revealed that the truck driver had a large clear plastic bag containing multiple pills. The authorities currently believe the pills to be Ambien, Xanax, as well as, Dicyclomine Hydrochloride. The truck driver now faces misdemeanor charges of DWI, possession of a controlled substance, in addition to, three misdemeanor counts of possession of a dangerous drug. The truck driver is currently being held on bonds totaling $25,000.

Although no individuals were injured as a result of the semi truck driver’s intoxicated operation, often times when a large commercial vehicle driver operates in a manner that deviates from the laws mandated by both federal and state governments, the results are often devastating and fatal. Recently, our Chicago accident attorneys settled a case involving an Illinois trucking accident where illegal substances played a primary role in a fatal accident.

In a case where it was revealed that a semi truck driver was operating under the influence of marijuana, as well as, an overloaded tractor-trailer – our attorneys obtained a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of a Huntley family whose passenger vehicle was struck by the commercial vehicle driver. The accident fatally injured a 32 year-old woman and caused substantial personal injury to her husband and son. The driver’s trucking carrier was also found negligent by violating federal regulations which mandate that truck owners administer drug-screenings, as well as, background checks on all their drivers.

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