Truck Driver Faces Severe Charges after Fatal Accident

Recently, our Illinois trucking accident blog retold the story of a tragic semi truck accident that left an 82 year-old man severely injured. The accident in question, which transpired on January 10, occurred when the semi truck driver ran a red light and subsequently struck a pick-up truck. The 82 year-old driver of the pick-up truck sustained traumatic injuries which ultimately resulted in his premature death on February 7.

It was later revealed by local authorities that the semi truck driver had ingested drugs, including methamphetamine and marijuana prior to the fatal accident. A tube containing meth was discovered in the truck driver’ shirt pocket, while a pipe, marijuana and an Oxycontin pill was located in a nearby field. Witnesses told police that they watched the truck driver “throwing items” into the field shortly after the accident before authorities arrived.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that the truck driver was previously charged with a number of criminal charges stemming from the accident; however the charges have been increased in light of the pick-up driver’s fatality. reports that the 52 year-old truck driver has been charged with causing a death while operation a motor vehicle with a Schedule I or II control substance in his blood, possession of a narcotic drug, as well as, possession of marijuana. The truck driver’s licenses were suspended and he has been released on a $5,000 bond. The 52 year-old is scheduled for a jury trial on September 5.

Although the negligent party in this motor vehicle accident is faced with pending criminal charges against him for his role in the fatal accident, more often than not criminal charges do not compensate the accident victim’s family for their devastating and premature loss. Although the news report does not confirm if the 82 year-old victim’s family wishes to seek civil action against the defendant truck driver, from our experience as Chicago trucking accident attorneys, the family may have a cause of action for a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death lawsuit asserts that the victim’s fatality was a direct result of negligence or another type of unjust action. Given the complex nature of these types of cases, it is important to obtain knowledgeable and experienced legal aid from Chicago truck accident attorneys. If you have been injured in an Illinois semi truck accident or have lost a loved one, please contact our attorneys at Levin & Perconti for a free consultation.

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