Truck Driver Killed After Hitting Utility Pole

Tampa Bay Online News reported this week on a fatal truck crash that killed the big rig’s driver.

A 60 year old truck driver was traveling along State Road 39 while following another truck that was in front of him. Shortly after midnight the driver radioed to the truck in front of him explaining that he was going to pull over because he felt ill. However, before he was able to stop, the man’s semitrailer slammed into a utility pole on the side of the road. Following the impact, the truck burst into flames. The cab of the semi was engulfed in flames by the time emergency crews arrived on the scene.

The victim’s family explained that the driver had a history of heart problems. It is possible that the man suffered a heart problem of some kind which made him lose control of the truck.

It is important for all drivers to remember not to risk getting behind the wheel where there is even the slightest chance of suffering some sort of physical problem. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys encourage all those who use local roadways to remember that any sort of impairment-from feeling tired and sick to taking medication or drinking alcohol-may have deadly consequences for you, your passengers, and all community members. Too often many of us fail to consider the risk of losing control of the car while driving. Even if the chance of that happening remains small, the possible loss is too catastrophic to consider. Remember to put all of that into perspective each time you jump into your vehicle. If you or someone you know has been the victim of another driver’s failure to consider their impairment, be sure to contact a truck accident lawyer.

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