Truck Driver Killed in Accident that Ignites Grass Fire

The size of sixteen wheel tractor-trailers makes all truck accidents potentially deadly incidents. Another complication in these accidents often involves the damage does to surrounding areas from contamination when the contents of a truck are released. Blog readers are aware of various examples of crashes that caused substantial health concerns when parts of the community near an Illinois truck accident must be evacuated because of the substances released in the crash.

A recent trucking accident reported in the Merced Sun caused similar secondary risks to nearby areas. According to reports, the driver of a big rig was traveling on Highway 152 when for unknown reasons his truck began to drift. Witness report that the large vehicle slowly slipped onto the shoulder of the road before slamming into a dirt embankment. Upon hitting the embankment the truck overturned and then slid a bit back toward the road.

Unfortunately, as the vehicle was overturning it caught fire. A Good Samaritan who saw the entire event unfold rushed over to the scene to try to help the driver. The flames engulfed the cab quickly, however, and the would-be-rescuer was unable to get the driver out of the truck before the fire overcame the area. The driver was killed in the accident.

The fire from the accident also sparked a grass fire. The flames engulfed a 44 acre area before local forestry and fire protection professionals could contain the blaze. Several fire engines, a water tender, helicopter and various other equipment and personnel was needed to stop the spread and eliminate the risk.

Just like the accident here, an Illinois truck crash always has the potential to affect more people and property than just those involved in the immediate accident. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti know well the destructive capabilities of big rigs. Their risk means that extra precautions are required to prevent accident. However, if crashes do occur, the party responsible for the injuries must be held responsible for their conduct.

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