Truck Driver Responsible for I-88 Crash Found Guilty of Driving While Impaired

Our attorneys were saddened by last year’s Chicago suburban truck crash that injured an Illinois state trooper and took the life of the tollway worker he was assisting. Since this crash occurred, we have been dedicated to keeping informed of the legal developments so that these victims can obtain justice for this wrongdoing and that the roads may be an overall safer place.

According to a recent article by the Chicago Tribune, the truck driver responsible for the crash has been found guilty of driving while impaired. The court ruled that the trucker was found guilty of fatigued driving and violating safety laws, making him guilty of three of the four felonies he faced. The court dismissed counts that he had falsified his logbook, citing that there was lack of evidence.

Authorities reported he had been driving or on duty in significant excess of the hours allowed under the law, according to the same article. The judge reiterated in court that the defendant had been driving or on duty for at least 18 or 20 hours over the course of 26 hours. This was in violation of laws that limit a commercial operator to 11 hours behind the wheel over a 14-hour shift. When he struck the Illinois State Police squad car stopped along the side of the road, the police car’s gas tank was ruptured. This sparked flames and explosions. The truck driver had been hauling 14,000 pound rolls of steel, and upon collision, one came free and struck the tollway worker’s vehicle, killing him. Even though the tollway worker and police officer’s vehicles had the emergency flashers activated and were visible on the side of the road, the truck driver did not heed them any attention because he had fallen asleep.

According to the article, the trooper suffered serious burns and injuries and was only able to return to work this past month – a full year after the crash.. Even though he has now returned to work, he still has not been able to return to work in his full capacity or resume his previous duties, such as patrol.

This truck accident is especially exemplary of the severity of collisions caused as a result of the reckless or negligent actions of truckers. Our attorneys want the members of our community to remain safe from harm on and off the roads. Through lawsuits we hope to set a legal example and prevent future wrongdoing from occurring. When people volitionally violate the laws and regulations in place, they are making a conscious decision to get behind the wheel at the cost of others’ lives. We all have a legal duty to not be the cause of injury to others on the road, and no one should choose to breach that duty for selfish reasons at the expense of others.

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