Truck Driver Sets Record For 4 Million Miles of No Accidents

It is all too often that we must report to our readers unfortunate news, startling statistics, and researched dangers of motor vehicle and truck accidents. However, when there is good news, we are happy to bring these reports and studies to our readers as well.

According to recent reports by KSAT 12, an HEB truck driver has set a record for logging 4 million miles of travel without a truck accident. The truck driver, Andres Corona, drives a big rig and successfully racked up 4 millions accident-free miles. The Department of Public Safety was present for the 4 million milestone and escorted the driver and 18-wheeler. This record was the first time in the state of Texas, where the driver hails from, that a truck driver reached this record. The driver spoke on the need for skill and defensive driving, while recalling several close calls, to reach this milestone without even a minor scrape along the way. The driver also said that he believes reaching this record is much more difficult in our modern day and recent years due to negligent and distracted drivers who talk on the phone while driving and due to increased speed limits on highways.

It is reports like these that exemplify how a dedication to safety and diligence of watching out for others on the road, as well as working together as a community, with the common goal of safer roads, can prevent accidents from occurring. It is not impossible to reach goals of safer roads and less injuries and deaths. Efforts from individual drivers as well as safety promotion groups can and are successful, as seen by this report. It is thanks to people like this truck driver that lives are saved and accidents prevented. When people uphold their legal duty to not be the cause of injury to others when getting behind the wheel and are not negligent or reckless, less accidents will occur. If more people put forth dedication like this man, there will be many more lives saved.

However, our attorneys know that not everyone is as vigilant to safety as Andres Corona. Unfortunately, many drivers engage in reckless and hazardous behavior, such as talking on the phone while driving, excessive speeding, following too closely, driving fatigued, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Because truck accidents are an ongoing problem not just in Chicago but throughout the state of Illinois, our lawyers are passionate about taking measures though legal action to decrease accidents and hold negligent drivers liable. We represent clients throughout the state who have suffered serious personal injuries or lost a family member in a truck accident. We understand that injuries suffered from truck accidents are often significant or even permanent, particularly due to the impact a truck can cause in a collision from its size and weight. If you or a loved one has suffered from a truck accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your suffering, injuries, and financial burdens through a truck accident lawsuit. Call our law firm for a free consultation, and we may be able to help you in legal action.

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