Truck Driver Fatigue Leads to More Trucking Accidents

A recent study conducted by the Large Truck Crash Causation Study found that about 13 percent of all trucking accidents were the result of the truck driver being overly tired, or fatigued, at the time the accident occurred. It is very dangerous for truck drivers to be driving when they are too fatigued to be on the road and it ends up being a danger to other drivers on the road as well as to the drivers themselves. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has several tips that can help insure that drivers are not too tired to be driving. The first recommendation that is offered is to make sure to always get enough sleep before going on a long trucking trip. While this may seem like an obvious point, many people overlook this very important tip and do not actually get the appropriate amount of sleep they need in order to function properly behind the wheel. A second tip, that may be overlooked often, is the importance of having a healthy well-balanced diet before embarking on a long truck trip. The reason for this is that eating healthy meals at the appropriate times can actually help a person stay less fatigued, meaning you should never skip meals or have too heavy on a meal before setting out on a trip. The third tip is to take a nap whenever you do start to feel too tired or not alert enough to drive. This can help restore your energy when you do feel better to get back on the road, but make sure to give yourself around 15 minutes to get back to normal after the nap before driving. Additionally, never rely on caffeine, turning the radio up loud, or opening the window as a method to stay awake when you feel too tired to be driving. These tricks are not likely to help if you really are fatigued and you need to stop driving until you feel alert again. Similarly, do not drive on long trucking trips when you are taking a medication that is known to lead to drowsiness. One of the best tips to remember is to know what the signs are that you are too tired to be driving and should stop in order to avoid a trucking accident. These signs may be different for different people, but often include symptoms such as yawning, having blurred vision and a feeling that your eyes are starting to get heavy. Illinois accident attorneys remind drivers that these rules are not only useful to truck drivers to help avoid accidents, but to all drivers. Please click on this link to read more about truck driving fatigue and ways to avoid trucking accidents.

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