Truck Owners Sue Truck Manufacturer

A trucking company filed a lawsuit against a truck manufacturing company, in which they claim installed a defective exhaust system which leaked toxic fumes into the truck and caused a truck driver serious brain damage. According to The Madison Record, the complaint alleges that the owners of the truck took the truck in multiple times for various defective parts to the company that manufactured the truck, but that the trucking company failed to ever properly identify the problem. The plaintiffs argue that the trucking company in failing to fix the problem, put not only the driver at risk but other drivers on the road as well in the event of a trucking accident. One of the owners of the trucking company that is suing the truck manufacturer was the driver of the truck as well and has suffered serious and permanent brain damage as a result of the alleged faulty exhaust system.

To read more about this defective truck lawsuit, please click on this link. If you or a loved one owned a vehicle in which you feel there was a defect in the design of something that caused a car crash or put you in serious danger, please call an Illinois accident attorney to discuss your options and if you may have a valid claim against the car manufacturer. It is important for car and truck manufacturers to ensure that all safety precautions and standards are met when manufacturing any vehicle, and if a company fails to meet these standards, the consumer should be entitled to relief for the company’s failure to provide a safe vehicle.

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