Truck Accident Prevention Tips for Passenger Car Drivers

A Motor Carrier Transportation Truck Safety study that was conducted recently found that there are certain precautions that drivers can take when on the road with large commercial trucks to help avoid dangerous trucking accidents. The reason that it is so crucial for drivers of passenger cars to be aware and careful around trucks is because it is 15 times for likely for someone in a passenger car to be killed than it is for the truck driver to be killed.

In order to stay safe while on the road with trucks, our Chicago accident attorneys recommend that you always leave more space than you would behind a passenger car. Additionally, make sure to never cut off trucks and do not tailgate trucks. Also make sure to follow the speed limit because speeding is another leading cause of serious trucking accidents, as well as other types of traffic accidents. To read more about safety measures drivers can take to avoid truck crashes, please click on the link. Making an active choice to be cautious and around trucks can result in fewer trucking accidents and safer roads for passenger cars.

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