Trucker Dead in Four Truck Chain Reaction Crash

On March 29th a trucking accident left one trucker dead and two others with severe personal injuries. The fatal trucking accident occurred on I-65 in the wake of another trucking crash that had slowed down traffic tremendously. While traffic was slowed one truck was rear-ended by another truck which was then struck by a third truck, which was then hit by a fourth truck. According to JC Online, this chain reaction crash left the driver of the fourth truck stuck in the cab of the truck and he had to be extricated by emergency workers. Unfortunately, the fourth truck driver’s injuries were so severe that he died of the injuries while at the hospital. The drivers of the second and third truck were hospitalized from their injuries, but the driver of the first truck was left unharmed. No one was injured in the earlier crash that slowed the traffic down leading to the four-truck crash. To read more about this fatal trucking crash, please click on this link.

It is very important to be alert and cautious at all times when driving. Traffic accidents often occur when traffic suddenly slows down due to an accident or a construction zone. While a sudden change in traffic can be startling and hard to prepare for, if you are always being alert and driving at the appropriate speed there should be enough time for you to react and avoid a car accident. To help prepare yourself for this type of situation make sure that whenever you are driving you are watching the cars around you The Illinois Department of Transportation website offers useful tips for driving in construction zones as well as general defensive driving tips, such as if you see cars up ahead seeming to be slowing down or you see brake lights ahead, start slowing your car down so you don’t have to slam on the brakes when it could be too late. Taking these small steps could be what keep a chain reaction crash from occurring.

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